Beauty is born in our labs.
We seek to create a product that satisfies various needs of our formulators and our consumers. We will gladly top that with a layer of perfection.
“I hope powder blends in with my skin better. In that way, I won't look heavy but still shiny after the makeup. ”
“I hope the powder provides better coverage and lasts longer. Even good powder falls off easily and reapplying it only piles up around some areas of the skin. ”
“The downside of powder is that you feel dry and flakey after you put it on. I want powder that can give some hydration without giving a skin-pulling effect. ”
“I wish powder would not spread over with sweat and oil over time. ”
“I hope I don't look caked or ghostly even with reapplication. ”
“I feel that powder blocks up my pores and it just sits on my skin as if I have dead skin cells. I hope powder can make my skin look clear just like from the effects of BB cream and foundation. ”
We wish to develop technologies on powder more widely and deeply.
While we strive and conduct numerous research, the pathway to beauty certainly becomes easier and more diverse.
We exist for all those that yearn for beauty.