The Finest Powder Materials
K.S.PEARL has a wide selection of powder materials which are carefully selected by cosmetic professionals.
The diversity of powder materials with various sizes, shapes and textures enables formulators to develop unique and creative products.

• Sensory tested
• Safety tested : Heavy metals, asbestos (talc), radioactivity
• Size, morphology controlled
• Quality and supply regularity controlled

 We provide all kinds of powder materials that are needed for make-up.
Extender Pigments : Talc, Sericite, Mica, Synthetic mica, Boron nitride
White pigments : Titanium dioxdie (Rutile, Anatase), Micro titanium dioxide,
                                 Zinc oxide
Coloring pigments : I.O.Yellow, I.O.Red, I.O.Black, U.M.Blue, U.M.Violet,
                                     U.M.Pink, C.O.Green
Spherical pigments : Silica bead
Composite pigments : TM/TS/TT series