We believe that innovation in materials of cosmetics can lead to the further development of cosmetics. Based on our outstanding surface treatment technology and powder technology, K.S. Pearl has been in the lead in Korean cosmetic powder markets for over 20 years.

Our researchers are comprised of professional personnel that are experts in the fields of cosmetics powder formulation, surface treatment and material science. With the help of their profound understanding, K.S. Pearl strives to understand the needs of consumers and formulators and their scientific insights will make the development of innovative and hands-on cosmetics possible.

K.S. Pearl also endeavors to improve its manufacturing process in order to make products more perfect and consistent in quality at consumer friendly prices.
Surface Treatment Research
Our research & development division has special expertise on cosmetic powder surface treatments. Surface treatment offers significant benefits to cosmetic powder products.
▪ Long lasting
▪ Enhancement of affinity to skin
▪ Improvement of feeling and texture on skin
▪ Skin protection : pH control, moisture balance
▪ Stability in W/O emulsion and oil dispersion
Material Research
▪ Development of pigment morphology control technology and hybrid material
▪ Discovering new materials
Formulation Research
▪ Analysis of newest market trend
▪ Development of base material that is compatible with the trend.
Manufacturing Process Research
▪ Quality perfection.
▪ Unique surface treatment technology
▪ Reduction of cost through improvement of productivity